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NuvoClean has put together a probiotic assortment which has the following products:

nuvo Bright

Microbiological odor removing product with good cleaning properties. Permanently expels bad odors and smells.

+ 100% deodorization with regular use
+ Can be used in dosingsystems
+ Cleans and has a long-lasting effect

nuvo Total

High quality power cleaner based on micro-organisms.

+ Applicable to all water-resistant surfaces, used for all common cleaning activities
+ Powerful degreasing and dirt dissolving
+ User-friendly and labor saving

nuvo Floor

Industrial floor cleaner which is suitable for every water resistant survace, based on micro-organisms.

+ Low foam, making it ideal for scrubbing / mop machines
+ Dissolves stubborn everyday dirt effortlessly 
+ Also suitable for heavy-duty floors in shopping centers, warehouses and showrooms

nuvo Xtreme

Highly effective degreaser, can also be used as oven cleaner, without the addition of solvents.

+ Fast-acting, therefore user friendly and labor saving
+ Absolutely residue free
+ Does not refer to the throat

nuvo Perio

Periodic cleaning product to remove limescale and urine. Can be safely used on all acid-resistant surfaces.

+ Effortlessly removes urine stone, lime and rust deposits
+ Contains no aggrassive acids



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